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Adam Marcello


Adam will perform in association with Roland, Zildjian and Remo.

Roland      Zildjian      Remo 

Adam’s has played a crucial part in Katy Perry’s career by being her Musical Director and drummer right from the start. “You have to know more than just playing drums. You have to have knowledge of songs and music and sounds and how to work with other people”. Adam’s road to acquiring those skills was cut by hard graft; auditioning and working every gig that came his way. Every drummer needs coordination, but not everyone can direct the music, configure the gear and play drums flawlessly with great feel, every night. That’s true coordination and Adam is one of few drummers up to the task.

Great drum performances and masterclasses about three things; being impressed without being intimidated, being inspired and sparking imagination, and having something to take home a practical idea of how to get started with something new. Adam will perform with Joe Clegg on the Main Stage at the London Drum Show and they are guaranteed to do just that – their drumming mastery will impress, but they’ll demystify and breakdown their performances and their hybrid acoustic-electric drum kits, inspiring you to explore where you can go with your drumming and your sound. 

Don't miss this performance on the Main Stage at 5pm on Saturday 11th November. Tickets are available here, and we also give out a free allocation an hour before each performance at the show.

Opening Times

Saturday 11 Nov, 2017
10:00 - 18:00

Sunday 12 Nov, 2017
10:00 - 18:00
Level 2 closes at 17:00 on Sunday 


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